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DEVOTIONAL ~ 1/15/2018

psalm 46 10

January 15, 2018 (written on 8/8/02)

Thank you Father for your Word.

“Because You are my help, I sing in the shadow of Your wings.” ~ Psalm 63:7

Lord, I thank you for the blessings that You pour upon us. Most of all, Lord, thank you for teaching me to trust in You. I thank You that after I pray and bring my petitions to You, You are the One in control.

Lord, what I cannot do, You do. When I feel I don’t have control to protect my sons, You do. When I’m tired, You offer me rest. When I’m hurt, You comfort me. When I need joy and laughter, You give it to me.

How beautiful You are, and how beautiful it is to seek Your face. You are my refuge in times of need. When I need love, I find it in You. When I need a listening ear, I find it in You.

When bad things happen around me, I can laugh at the days to come because You are with me. Your love and protection are close to me. I know Your promises and Your faithfulness because I am Your child. How wonderful it is to be Your daughter–Daughter of the King of Kings!

With love,

Guadalupe C. Casillas

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