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Good Morning, Lord!

Good morning, Lord! Your servant is listening…

And yes, this is my “listening couch,” where after reading His Word, praying and worshipping, I quiet my heart to hear from the Lord He speaks to our hearts, if we are quiet enough to listen

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And this is our song…

On Bible Chicks Radio Show

Here is the end part of the interview. My phone rang and it stopped the very end. Oh well, you can go to my website to listen to the entire interview if you’d like at or click here to listen directly at

Listening to my radio interview on AM Radio.

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The Believer’s Battle by Pastor Robert Morris

Great message! I liked the part at the end about not having “fast food” quiet times with God, a drive-through experience, but to spend more time with Jesus and in the Word of God.




Giving Thanks to GOD for giving US His Son, JESUS!!! In Him and through Him we have eternal life by GRACE, SWEET GRACE! Happy Thanksgiving!


Three more times!!!  On AM RADIO this Thanksgiving! I still remember when I went to meet my friend, Carole Brewer at the Pure Worship Radio studio to record for the Bible Chicks program. My husband’s words that morning to me were: “Be yourself, and remember that the Holy Spirit is with you. I’m praying for you!” IMG_1270Carole and I prayed in the cozy radio studio before starting and sensed the Presence of God with us! We had fun. It’s my prayer that others will be inspired by my journey and hear what a Mighty God we have!!! This interview will air on AM 710 KFIA the following 3 times: Tomorrow, Thursday, @ 11:30 p.m., Saturday @ 1:30 pm and Sunday @ 2:30 p.m. Spread the word and tell your friends and family! www.KFIA.COM


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Have a blessed day!!! Bendiciones en este día! 🍁🍂🍁🍂




MONDAY WORSHIP  Powerful lyrics…”I was covered in shame when He came for me, I couldn’t run, couldn’t run from His presence, couldn’t run from His arms…” I hope you listen to this song and feel in your gut and heart how much God loves you! Have a blessed Monday  We are loved!!!


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