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Please wait for me, I asked the stranger in my dream. He didn’t even look at me and kept going as he disappeared before my eyes. In this dream I was driving through the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A construction worker stopped me to tell me that I couldn’t go any further by car. I left my vehicle behind and began to walk to leave the area. At the beginning I thought it was a familiar path I had taken with my husband before. All of a sudden there was a semi-dark tunnel that I didn’t recognize. I knew then I was lost. Then a man in his 50’s, wearing glasses, was walking behind me. He was also lost and was carrying a baby in a pouch around his waist. He asked me if I could hold his child while he went to look for the way out because it would be faster for him to go alone. I agreed. The scenery around me was beautiful so I proceeded to take pictures with my iPhone. Within minutes the man showed up telling me he had found the way. He took the baby and began to walk fast through uneven terrain and stepping stones in a river. It would be dark soon.

I’m not a terrific hiker. As a matter of fact I’m a straggler. My back and feet remind me to slow down many times. So I asked the man to please wait for me and he didn’t. As soon as I woke up I went downstairs to give my husband a long hug as he made us coffee on Saturday morning. I kissed him and thanked him for always holding my hand and waiting for me when we go on walks and hikes. I told him how I missed him and how this dream had made me realize that the reason why he patiently waits for me is because he loves me and has invested his life in me.

A week later I read a devotional about the invitation to receive Jesus in our hearts by faith. After reading the devotional I wrote the following prayer:

“Dear Lord, precious Lord! Thank you for knocking at the door of my heart forty-five years ago when I was ten years old. Thank you for loving me and gently putting up with me all these years. Thank you for the many lessons and experiences You have allowed in my life to continue to shape me and mold me into the image of your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you that You continue to hold my hand and walk next to me to guide me to take the right path. Oh, how I love you, my Lord.”

As I wrote the last few sentences, I thought about the dream I had. Jesus patiently waits for us. He offers us His hand to lead us and to guide us when we are lost because He has much invested in us. He not only loves us, He gave up His life for us. That’s the reason why He’s willing to wait for YOU and hold your hand.

Dear blog reader, I wrote this blog with you in mind because YOU matter to me, but above all YOU matter to Jesus. If you feel lost at times, know that Jesus is there waiting to hold your hand and lead you in the right direction. Be blessed in His name!


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