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I can’t keep quiet anymore…I started 2017 sensing in my spirit that God wants us to worship Him more! All the people, all the churches of the world, to utter praises, to sing more, to experience a greater intimacy with our Creator and Savior! I’d like to see us singing more to Him in our homes, in front of our computers, iPhones, before beginning our small group studies, not just on Sunday morning. Who is with me?
Let’s enter into His presence with thanksgiving and gratitude in our hearts, no matter what is going on in our lives. You will be blessed. He wants more of us. He wants our hearts of adoration  God wants you to experience His presence more. That is taking place more in my life when I come to Him with a heart of praise.
Make 2017 a year of praise and jubilee! No matter what, no matter what…Be blessed!!!
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