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Born in Nicaragua, I came to California at the age of sixteen where I met my husband, Eduardo. Currently living in California, we have two sons, Ed and Andrew. I’ve been involved in Bible studies for over thirty years, leading Bible studies for the last fourteen. The love and mentorship shown in my first Bible study group ultimately pointed me to the love of Jesus, which gave me a passion for women’s ministries.

Jesus is the love of my life! Through the power of the Holy Spirit I’ve encouraged those around me to come to know and experience the amazing love of God. For seven years I volunteered with Stonecroft Ministries in Folsom, California, as Hospitality Coordinator, Prayer Coordinator, Chairperson, and Bible Study Coordinator. I’m currently a speaker with Stonecroft Ministries, an evangelistic international organization for women.

A good friend suggested I’d write a Bible study to share all I’ve learned in my journey with God. That same week other friends independently suggested I’d write as well. After much prayer and discussing it with my husband, I realized it was God’s plan for me to write a book, titled “How to Love God with All Your Heart.” I’m translating this study in Spanish under the title, “Cómo amar a Dios con todo tu corazón”. I wrote my first Bible study in 2004, titled “More Power Through the Fruit of the Holy Spirit” to share with my Bible study friends, with no thought of publishing it until now. This study will be available in Spanish under the title, “Más poder a través del fruto del Espíritu Santo”.

Welcome to my website. I pray you’ll be blessed in your journey with God!



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